Sunday, July 18, 2010

Super daddy!

Mike is such a proud daddy to be. He decided he wanted to make the baby something, so he made him burp clothes. He worked so hard cutting and sewing. He was very proud of his burp clothes. I hope he doesn't mind too much when Travis spits up on them!

We are very ready for this baby to come! My due date is in a week and a half. We can't wait! I have orientation for the Master's program (which I got into-yay!) this Thursday. So I am just hoping he comes after Thursday night so I can make it to the orientation! Fall will be crazy, as Mike and I both go back to school. We are hoping our poor little laptop will make it until we can afford to buy a new one. It is on the fritz lately, so I don't think it will make it too much longer, but I hope we can make it last so we have a way to do our homework!

Back to the baby...I had another shower and we got so much stuff! We have tons of baby clothes and cute things! The bassinet it all set up and ready for the little one. We can't wait! Here are some pictures from my shower..I don't know who that really fat girl is. Couldn't be me!

Summer fun!

So Mike's sister Chelsea is here from Florida. She's here for 6 weeks for the birth of our little baby! We picked her up from the airport and did some things in LA. We saw the Hollywood sign, the LA Ink shop, Griffith Observatory, and Farmer's Market.

We have enjoyed showing her around Cali. She has been freezing since Florida is so much hotter. For the first few days she wore a sweatshirt the entire time. While we are sweating and in the pool, shes curled up in a blanket and shivering. Weird!

We went to the beach with our family and had a blast. Mike went boogie boarding with Tyler and Tori. Samuel really wanted to go out there with the big kids, but wasn't quite ready!

Chelsea was so cold! But since it was her first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, she had to put her feet in it. And she thought her beach was cold!

Samuel and Trenton love the beach. Samuel loves to play in the water but Trenton likes to just run away from the waves and play in buckets.

Rosalyn loves giving the stink is simply how she looks at you now...unless you are Grandpa or food.

We pulled out the food and suddenly Roz was best-friends with Chelsea....

As an adult, you have a different standard for food at the beach then you would at home. If it is a little sandy, you will still eat it. I think most of draw a line we refuse to cross. Remember when you were a kid and there was no line? Any food, no matter how sandy, was game. Yummm....

Good times at the beach!



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