Monday, October 25, 2010

Ode to the mullet.

Typically, newborns don't have a lot of hair. And when they do have hair it usually falls out in the first few weeks. Well, my little man was born with enough hair for 5 babies. And at (almost) 3 months, it still hasn't fallen out. It has gotten lighter and did thin out a little. But it has just gotten longer and longer...We need to cut it but I can't bear the thought of it...yet. they are! The 5 reasons newborns should not have hair....

1. Hair pulling and tears!
When he was first born, Travis would grab hold of his hair. It would hurt, so he would try to yank his hand away. Of course this just resulted in him pulling a fistful of hair and crying hysterically. I was constantly having to save my baby from pulling his OWN hair. This would happen when he was happily laying on the floor, trying to sleep, or any other time his hands were free!

2. Public petting
When you take your newborn in public, for some reason people feel the need to TOUCH your baby. If I don't know you, do I really want you touching my baby? This just gets WORSE when your baby has Elvis hair! Everyone feels they need to feel this giant head of hair, which results in complete strangers petting your newborn. After one trip to the grocery store, I swore I was going to start rubbing other people's hair back when they rubbed Travis'.... (p.s. if I KNOW you and know you wash your hand's after you pee, I totally don't mind you touching my baby!)

3. Greasy, sweaty hair smells
Turns out when 35 people are petting your hair throughout the day, it gets greasy pretty darn fast! In the hospital, they suggest you only give your baby a full blown bath 2-3 times a week and just wipe them down on the other days. This is SO not possible if your little guy smells like he ran a mile after not having his hair washed for 1 day. No one likes a smelly baby!

4. Dandruff
Has anyone ever seen Johnson & Johnson dandruff shampoo? I mean, babies get dry skin. And that includes their poor little scalps. But, what do you do when there is hair to catch all that dry skin? Yeah, my infant has dandruff. I guess he can't wear black...

5. Knots and tangles
So when Travis is going to sleep he turns his head from one side to the other to feel his blankies on his cheek. It is super cute. And it causes huge tangles in the back of his hair. My sister-in-law asked me the other day "Do you have to use conditioner in his hair?" I laughed but then it got me thinking...maybe he needs some Garnier Fructis?

I adore Travis' hair and think he is the cutest baby! But next time you are wishing your little girl had more hair to put bows to put in her hair...think twice about it...

(This pics are a little old...his hair is seriously longer now!)



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