Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby shower...#1!

We had our first baby shower this weekend. Our good friend Kristin threw it for us. It was at Mimi's cafe-which turned out really nice. We got a lot of diapers, clothes, and blankets. All things we need. Once we got home though...we had to put it all away. Who knew one little baby boy needed so much stuff? We are out of room and have another shower next month for family and church. Should be fun...but where are we going to sleep? On top of diapers it appears!

And lastly, a picture of me 8 months prego. We have 6.5 weeks left until my due date. So give or take a few weeks on either end...we can't wait!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Memorial Day and MM day

This year memorial day happened to land on our 2 year anniversary. We were happy to be able to spend it together, and share it with Memorial Day. Every year for Memorial day our family goes to Westminster Cemetary where they have a special program to honor our veterans. After, we visit all our family members who have moved on to a better life. We also clean their graves, as they get real dirty! So, we did this.

This year was special because grandpa was in the military. However, the marines were given the wrong date for his funeral, so they did not make it. So, they arranged to make a presentation to grandma and the rest of us on Monday. They came presented us with a flag and shot their loud guns and played for us. It was awesome!

Mike and I were going to try to get away for a bit for our anniversary, but the beach was packed because it was memorial day. So we did the BBQ and swimming instead and celebrated the two years on Tuesday.

Mike decided he wanted to go on a hike for our anniversary, so we went to Whitting Ranch. It was a nice day for hiking. It wasn't too cold but it was overcast and nice. We started down the path and were greeted with this sign:

Oh good. At least I feel safe. So, we kept our eyes open for mountain lions that may eat us. We didn't see any, but we did see a ton of squirrels and chipmunks and red ants. We also saw some beautiful flowers and trees also. Here are some pictures...

So, after we walked for a mile I start to hint to Mike that the prego lady is done walking. My feet were starting to hurt and I was tired. He replied "Ok, let me know when you want to head back." I guess he didn't get that was me TRYING to head back. So, when we hit about a mile and half I said it was time to go back. So, we started walking back, much slower this time because we were tired. Soon, Travis started kicking my bladder, so we picked up the step. All of a sudden, my back popped and pulled a little (probably from the waddling I was doing). It hurt pretty bad but I couldn't stop because of my need to go to the bathroom. By this point, I was half running, half limping, and getting really mad at all the bugs attacking me. All while keeping my eyes open for mountain lions that may eat me as the sign kindly reminded me on the way it...Turns out I have much less patience for bugs landing on me when I need to pee and my back feels like it's breaking. Finally, we made it to the end of the trail and I have never been so happy to see a stinky, dirty porta-potty. My poor feet were so releived when we sat in the car and my back thanked me kindly also. And, this my friends, is why you don't take prego ladies hiking.

The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe

Once upon a time there was a witch and a lion that fell in love. They got married and soon the witch was pregnant with a little baby boy. Well, the witch and the lion wanted the best things for their little baby. However, the witch and the lion didn't have a lot of money. So they began slowly collecting things to make sure the baby had everything he needed.

One day the witch and lion were offered a wardrobe for their baby. The witch was very excited as this was a special wardrobe. This wardrobe had been passed down from witch to witch and had belonged to the witches family for many years. However, the lion grumbled and roared about keeping the dresser. You see, because the wardrobe was very old, there were things broken on it. Also, the witch demanded that it be refinished because her baby could only have the best things! The lion, having refinished furniture before, knew that this was not going to be an easy job. He growled, roared, and gnashed his terrible teeth. But in the end, the lion loved both the witch and the baby with all his heart so he did what the witch asked.

The witch was planning on helping the lion with the wardrobe. However, because of the special little baby growing in her belly, the witch could not do much to help. So the lion stripped and sanded and refinished and glued and reglued and screwed the wardrobe together. It took him many weeks and he worked and worked to please his witch. The witch wanted the wardrobe to look it's best, so the witch and lion had to buy supplies for this special wardrobe. Two trips to Home Depot and $60 later, the wardrobe looked wonderful! The lion grumbled and complained about all the work and the fact that the free wardrobe cost almost as much as a new Ikea dresser. However, the witch was pleased with the wardrobe. She knew that even if it wouldn't be much more expensive to buy a new one, this one was special and much sturdier then Ikea furniture.

Here is the special wardrobe in all it's glory. I love the lion and all the hard work he did on it. It looks amazing! Thanks honey!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jacuzzis, doctors, and epidural rant.

Okay, seriously...I am ALL about taking doctors advice. But that is all I view it as. Advice. Doctor's give you the best information they have based on current research. When a new drug/procedure/regiment is introduced to prego women, do you think that they have women volunteering to take it? No. Basically, the reason it gets taken off the market or is deemed unsafe is because of effects that are found AFTER the fact. So, when your doctor tells you Tylenol, Tums, and epidurals are 100% safe for your baby, use your brain and weigh the risks against benefits.

And the jacuzzi thing, seriously? It is completely safe to go in a jacuzzi as long as the temp is low enough and you are in touch with your body. Like any other activity, if you start being uncomfortable (having cramps, etc...), get out or stop doing it. Women don't question the jacuzzi thing or the epidural thing. I am not willing to have that amount of drugs pumped into my body (therefore into the babies body) to be more comfortable. No one said childbirth, or raising children was fun or easy. I can tell you it will be worth it (at least I really hope so or I want a refund!). So next time your doctor gives you advice, take it as such. Advice. And just because you don't have a medical degree does not mean you can't be educated and make educated decisions.

Ahhh...the prego lady rant.



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