Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Papaya Fruit

So as of today I am 6 months prego. Yeah! That means only a few months left to go. And then we get to see this little munchkin of ours. We are pretty excited but pretty nervous also. This week Travis is the size of a papaya fruit and weighs a whole pound. So we want to keep him in there until he is a bit bigger. Mike has started to SEE Travis move and that really freaks him out. He watches my belly move around or a hand come out of nowhere, and he leaves the room screaming. Hopefully he is move okay with it once Travis is out.

Unfortunately, it looks like the CHP is out of the question for us right now. They have decided to stop testing because of all the applicants they have recieved recently. Which is extermely frustrating considering we just got Mike and eye exam and contacts so he could pass it this round. Only to find out he can't even take it. So, that being said, Mike needs a job. The Coast Gaurd is something he has always wanted to do, so he is currently looking into that. We both are okay with him being deployed, but neither of us are okay with him being in war. I know, I know, this makes no sense. Basically, he can leave for months but not to be shot at. So, we will see what the Coast Gaurd has to say for themselves. And until then we will keep praying that he finds something that doesn't require him to leave us but will still pay the bills and maybe buy us a house someday!



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