Thursday, March 25, 2010

Umbrella Strollers and stuffed dogs

We made our first purchase for the baby today: an umbrella stroller and stuffed dog. :O) We went to Big Lots where they had an umbrella stroller on sale for $15. Amazing deal, so we just HAD to get one! And then Mike fell in love with this stuffed dog and said we HAD to get it for Travis. I was trying to persuade him to agree on the lion, but there was no budging him off of this dog...

The dog is awfully cute! And we love the umbrella stroller-it is really nice and it was only $15!

So, I know have been slacking in the photo department...So here is a picture of me 2 weeks ago at 20 weeks.

But in the last two weeks, this baby has just exploded! I can feel him kick all the time now. And when I poke around on my belly I can usually find him and you can feel his little body. Mike has been able to feel him and has felt him move, which is really fun for him. Here is a new picture we took today...huge belly and all.

We are getting really excited and can't wait for the next 4 months to fly by! We have accepted the fact that our life will be full of umbrella strollers and stuffed dogs...

In another attempt to get ready for Travis (yes, we have decided on Travis)we registered at Babies R Us today. And oh my goodness...I don't know why the man handed Mike the scanner. He went insane! He ran around scanning stuff! All I heard was "beep! beep! beep!"
I was chasing him saying "Do you even know what you are scanning?"
Him: "Yeah, it's cute stuff! That was Elmo!"
Me: "This is an Elmo baby leash! Get back here!"
So needless to took quite a while. At first, we were only registering for BIG things and I thought we should probably not just register for things over $100. So, I handed the scanner over to Mike and he registered for just about every bib in the store. So, when all was said and done, we had 13 PAGES of stuff on our registry! I don't know how that happened...but let me just say-I don't really care what burp cloths we get, but I registered for those types of things because people want you to, right? Oh goodness...Well, maybe we will tackle Target this weekend. I will have to put the Elmo leash on Mike because he has gotten it into his mind that we should register for a tv...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's a boy!!

So we had our first ultrasound today and it was so weird! Let me just was odd. There is a baby in there! I have known it, but haven't been able to see him so I haven't really believed it. And it is a boy! He has 10 perfect fingers and toes and the cutest little nose! He kept putting his hands up to his face and grabbing his toes. He is an active little one-definitly takes after his daddy! And yes, we are SURE it is a boy-it took about an hour and a half, but the ultrasound tech got a VERY good shot of the "goods". Mike is estactic and I am getting ready to never have a cleaning toilet again! :O)

For a name, we like Travis Joseph, but aren't ready to commit!

Here are some pictures of the little squirt...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mammoth mountain fun!

We have these wonderful friends, the Manna's, who own a condo in Mammoth. We thought it would be fun to go and get away for a while. So, we left Sunday and came home Thursday. It is a pretty far drive-about 5 1/2 hours. We got there Sunday about 9 and the hotel was BEAUTIFUL! It was the nicest place either of us had ever stayed.

This is the hotel from the outside, pretty right? Now here is the lobby...

Yeah...the lobby. Goodness! Anyway, we went up to our room and were pleasently surprised. It had two HUGE bedrooms (with king size beds), a full kitchen, a dining area, and a living room with a pull out couch. Needless to say, we felt silly to be taking up that much space just for the 2 (and a half) of us! We forgot to take pictures before we messed it up with our stuff, so I pulled some off the web-site.

So since it was pretty late for us old people, we watched some tv and then went to bed. The next morning, Mike couldn't wait to get out and explore the town. Unfortunatly, neither of us could sleep in since light STREAMED in the windows the moment the sun rose. (We are used to our heavy curtains at home that let us sleep like vampires) So, all week we woke up early...I kept trying to explain to the sun that we were on vacation, but it just wouldn't listen! So, we got up Monday morning and Mike was dying to go check out The Village. I kept trying to stall him...worried that nothing would be open yet. So, we bundled up and went down to the village at 10:30. Unfortunatley, most stores were still closed. They didn't open until 11 because it was a down time...there weren't many people there which was nice for us! So we walked around and just hung out. This was a nice lazy are some pictures we took around town....

Mike and a bear. And LOTS of snow!

MOOOOOOO! (this is for you Chels. I told you we have black and white cows!)

The snow was SO high next to the sidewalks and walkways-it was taller then us. There was snow EVERYWHERE and covering everything!

Yeah, those guys ARE on the roof of a two-story building and the snow pretty much comes up to it. We saw some houses two-story buildings that the snow was covering up to the roof. Crazy!

This is another shot of our hotel...check out the icicles hanging from the roof. I became obsessed with one falling off and stabbing one of us in the heart. Mike rolled his eyes everytime I talked about it...

Here is the view from our room...

So, the next day, Mike went snowboarding. The Manna's hooked us up with their friends who work as instructors and gave Mike a voucher so he could snowboard for free. Man, nothing like a free trip, right? So, Mike went snowboarding and I watched a lot of tv, looked up baby stuff on the net, and went swimming in the snow! The pool was heated to where I wasn't cold while I was swimming. But, after a lap I couldn't breathe due to the altitude and the cold! So I had to get out of the pool into the snow where I ran for my robe and towel and I am sure people were laughing at me while looking through their windows. Here is a picture of Mike when he came back from snowboarding.

Mike said the snowboarding was the best here and he will never be able to go anywhere local again. Well, at least Mammoth is close...not.

So, Wednesday we decided to go play in the snow. We had lots of fun and managed to stay warm! We bought a saucer/sled thing so Mike could go sledding. I wasn't going to go (due to the baby in my belly), but decided to when there were little kids going down. We might as well start our baby off young being a daredevil, right?

We had a blast even though Mike landed in someone's/something's poop at the bottom. Ewww! I made him bury it before I would go down. Such a nice hubby. :O)

Next, we decided to build a snowman. It turned into a snowwoman named Gertrude. And let me tell you...building a snowwoman is HARD work! Don't let the movies fool you if you haven't ever built one. But all in all, she was pretty amazing looking!

All in all, it was an amazing weekend! We loved being able to play in the snow and have time away. Thank you so much Manna's for letting us stay there and helping Mike go snowboarding and everything! We loved every minute of it and can't wait to go back!



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