Thursday, August 19, 2010

Worry lines and stinky cords

So Travis will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. He is getting so big! And he is doing really well. For the most part he sleeps 5-6 hours when he put him to bed. Which makes his daddy happy. He doesn't sleep that long when it is blazing hot or he has just been circumsized, but that's ok!

So we got him circumsized last week and that was quite an adventure...The doctor told me it would be a 30 minute procedure and I waited in the waiting room. Well, 30 minutes came and went. Then 35...40...45...50...I am NOT a worrier but suddenly all these awful thoughts are rolling around in my head. I am thinking about this AWFUL video they made us watch in school where this little boys penis CAUGHT ON FIRE during a circumcision. Because of this, they gave him a sex change and turned him into a girl, he lived a miserable life and ended up killing himself. So I am suddenly thinking he is going to end up a girl who kills himself or maybe he had a reaction or something. I can feel the anxiety building up in my chest and I am doing everything i can just to hold back tears. After an hour the nurse came out and told me he was done and I got to hold my precious baby again and check that he was still a BOY. It just tooke longer then anticipated. No biggie. But apparently with the title "mother" comes a giant bag of worry. So all those times your mother told you she thought you were lying in a ditch somewhere, she probably actually believed that. And when you look at your mom and see all those wrinkles on her face, yeah those are from you! So tell your mom she is beautiful because of the lines. Here is a picture of him right after his little happy baby.

So a few days before the circumcision incident, I took him to the doctor for his check-up. The doctor has you get your baby undressed and then leaves you in a freezing room and you feel like your baby may freeze to death. So I am holding my freezing naked baby and he is just sleeping-he doesn't care. (Again...the mother must constantly worry...) So the doctor comes in and I lay Travis down on the table. I look down and notice his cord is gone. "Where did his cord go? It fell off?" I asked. I started looking around on the floor for it since no one wants to see a nasty cord on the floor. As I look down, I see it HANGING FROM MY SHIRT! Apparently it got stuck to my shirt with the dried blood and goop that comes out of it. Nasty! It was pretty disgusting and amazing.

All in all being a mother is amazing and a blessing everyday. Travis brings Mike and I so much joy and we are so glad to be blessed with him!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a boy!

Travis Joseph Waller was born very early on August 6th. We were in the hospital for 25 hours before he was born. Labor was long and hard but so rewarding! After many hours of contractions we tried both pitosin and breaking my water. Neither helped labor progress very much. Luckily, we had amazing nurses who helped us along. I was able to have him without an epidural-Mike was such a supportive daddy. He was 8 pounds 10 ounces and 20 inches long. And super cute!

After Travis' first bath the nurse gave him a comb-over! Made him look like a little old man...not the cutest thing in the world but made for some entertaining pictures.

Travis' first ride in his car seat...getting ready to go home. He wasn't really a fan of it.

Some pictures I've taken since we got home...

We are all doing well...Travis is amazing and Mike and I love being parents!



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