Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This month is such a special one...

It's birthday time for Mike! For Mike's birthday we had an amazing weekend! He got to go to court on his birthday(not part of the fun), we went to the Melting Pot, he went shooting with some friends, and we had a game night. Goodness. I only got pictures of the Melting Pot because I am a bad blogger and bad wife. But the game night was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed having good friends and family there!

The Melting Pot is an overpriced, delicious, fondue restaurant. Because of the pricey-ness of it, we hadn't been but have wanted to go since we've been married. We finally sucked it up and went. The food was super tasty, and we had a wonderful time! Our server even brought Mike his own little choco dipped strawberry with a candle in it.

Our favorite part of the meal was...dessert. And while we loved it, we won't go back for the full course again. But we will definitely go back for dessert!

It was so much fun and the food was amazing. We had an amazing weekend and I am thankful Mike was born. But the best part of the weekend (to me anyway)...

Was that I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Woot woot! (ok fine, spending time with Mike was good too! lol)

(Sorry if any parts of this doesn't make sense...I have a little guy who has figured out that banging on the keyboard is a fabulous thing to do. And if mommy doesn't let him, a wonderful way to deal with it is arching his back and screaming or kicking the keyboard. Oh joy!)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Things I love.

So this blog was supposed to happen in November and be called "Things I am thankful for"...but it never happened. But I figure things I am thankful for, I also love. So in the spirit of Valentines Day, here is a list of things I love/am thankful for! (there is a lot, so get comfy!)

1. Mike/unemployment/employment

So Mike was unemployed from February of 2009-February 2011. Awful, right?? Yes. And no. In that time, we were able to eliminate all of our debt (How?? I don't know!), have a beautiful baby boy, grow closer to family, become a strong couple, learn the importance and value in frugal living, and many more life lessons. We learned so much that I am so thankful for.
Mike and I were able to stay home for Travis' first 6 months. This was such a gift especially for him since I am still home and plan to be for the rest of the kids! Mike was able to learn what it means to be a dad, how hard it is to be a full time parent so he has more compassion for them, and just spend time with us. Somehow we were always able to pay our bills and provide everything our little family needed. There was a lot of stress and hard times, but we weathered the storm and I like to think that it made our marriage that much stronger.
During Mike's period of unemployment, we learned to be frugal, ok fine, cheap. We learned the difference between wants and needs. And we learned to appreciate what we already have instead of wanting.

Now Mike has found a job that seems like it is a good fit. Our only complaint is that he works TOO much (ironic, right?) He is getting paid more hourly then he has ever made and he works more then he ever has. He typically works 50-60 hours a week. Which means a lot of rushed kisses, short phone calls, long days, tired feet, and bags under his eyes. But I know that this job has been provided for him so he can once again provide for our family. While I wish that I saw him more, I can't complain. He works so hard and is exhausted every single day and I love him for it. He makes sure that I get to continue to stay home with Travis and we may be able to move out some day!

2. Cousins
Travis has cousins that just adore him! Whenever they are here and I give him a bath, 2 of them are sure to strip down and jump in.

They love to give kisses, hold him, and poke his eyes out. He is so lucky to have cousins who think he is so fun! Roz thinks he is her personal doll and gets mad when she can't hold him...also whenever I am feeding him she must eat some of his baby food. I love that he has cousins that he can grow up with!

3. Samuel
Samuel is my very special, very cool (as you can see) nephew.

He and I have a special relationship...I just adore him and do whatever he wants. He knows auntie Melissa is a sucker, so he asks me for basically anything and I do what I can to make it happen. He melts my heart, tells me I am on his team, is 100% loyal, and makes me laugh when he moons me to show me his "ouchy" on his bottom. I love my Samuel.

4. THE blanket

So I know Travis is high-maintenance when it comes to sleeping, and I will be the first to admit it. He has 3 blankies to sleep with. 1 goes under his head in case he spits up, we don't have to change the whole sheet. That one is called his "head blankie" in our house. The 2nd goes next to his cheek when he sleeps and that one is called the "face blankie". The 3rd one...well he could not live without and it is called "THE blankie". The blankie and Travis are best friends. Travis doesn't go anywhere without it. He will be crying and we pull it out and he stops and buries his face into it. When I put him to bed I often hear him cooing to his blankie before he falls asleep. When we wakes up he lays in bed and talks to it...we couldn't live without it. We have a backup for when this one gets spit up on, peed on, or dropped in the rain. But it just isn't the same. I will cry the day it gets lost at Disneyland.

5. Elder Dimick
I couldn't be more proud of or more thankful for my little brother, Jacob, AKA Elder Dimick. He is in Tennessee, selflessly giving up two years of his life to serve the Lord. He is a fabulous person and I know he is working hard. I miss him so much and can't wait to see him in a little under 2 years. A long time, right? But totally worth it!

6. Spit up, teething pains, constipation, and well aimed urine
I love that Travis has 10 healthy little fingers and toes.

I love that he is such a healthy happy baby. I am so thankful that his biggest issues so far have been constipation, the fact that right before I leave the house he always spits up on my clean shirt, teething, and my all time favorite...the other day Travis peed on me and then laughed. Yep, he's a boy.
Travis is healthy and growing wonderfully and normally. He loves baby food...he used to cry when his meals were over. He brings so much joy to Mike and I with his smiles, giggles, and sloppy kisses.

7. One big dysfunctional family
I am so thankful for my family. I am glad to be a part of it, glad to have an embarrassing father (see pic below if you don't believe it), a giving mother, 2 fab sisters, 2 goofy brothers, and the brothers and sister I gained from their marriages. My family is the best. We laugh together, scream at each other, but most of all, love each other.
I am so blessed for my parents-they have been so giving my entire life-especially the last year or so with us living with them. I love that I know that I can count on anyone of my family members for anything I ever need...even if we do complain about it! I am glad I don't come from the Partridge family...if anything we are more like the Adams family. But that's what makes us special!



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