Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cankles, angels, and cameras

So, here is a new prego pic of me 29 and a half weeks.

That means I am almost 3/4's of the way through. We are so excited! We have definitely decided on Travis Joseph. We are collecting more stuff slowly yet surely. We have a new, wonderful stroller; an old dresser that Mike is refinishing; a car seat; bedding; and every time we are around baby clothes we have to buy at least one thing so they are starting to add up. We are going to have to rearrange our room soon and take out the desk so we have room for his dresser to put all this stuff in!

I am feeling really well. My hips are starting to get bigger which makes it harder to walk and wear clothes. :O) And when I stand too long my feet turn into Flintstone feet and I get cankles. But, I love feeling him kick and turn in my belly all the time. He is going to run out of room soon! I can't imagine getting fatter, but I know I will!

On to a sadder Grandpa passed away last Friday. He lived a great life and inspired many people. It was time for him to go...he was very sick and in a lot of pain. But he was a trooper and didn't complain. We had a beautiful service for him yesterday where we got to remember and honor him. He is in a much better place now and will be remembered. The plus side is tons of family has been here so we have been SO busy this last week. We did something with family pretty much everyday this last week. We really enjoyed having everyone here but are very glad to get back to regular life. We will miss Grandpa very much, but we are so glad he isn't in pain anymore and we know we will see him again!

Here is a picture of grandma and grandpa taken about a year ago...

So, my digital camera decided to start being sassy and stop working. Luckily, my mother-in-law bought me a new one for mother's day/baby shower gift. I love it so much! It is a waterproof camera, so I love scaring people by jumping in the pool with it. Here are a few pictures we took with the family this week...I am waiting for a new battery charger (both my batteries are dead) so we can take more. Thanks Karen!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Home sweet home

Mike and I were babysitting my cousins for the last week and a half. They are 9, 12, 13, and 14. We had so much fun with them but were so glad we don't have teenagers yet! We are very glad Travis is coming out as a baby. He won't be able to talk back, argue, or fight with his siblings that aren't born yet. But I am sure he will bring just as many smiles to our faces. Of course he WILL keep us up much later then the 4 we had.

One of my cousins is obsessed with skateboarding, so we decided to take him to the Vans skatepark at the block. He has a broken hand right now, so he couldn't skate, but loved watching. He fell in love with it and said they were going to get married (yes, him and the skate park). While we were there, Mike and I fell in love with these...

We were very close to buying them, but I couldn't justify it since he would only be able to wear them for like a week! They are the cutest infant shoes I have ever seen. We are just hoping Auntie Christy carries on the tradition of buying Vans for the kids. :O)

We really enjoyed staying with the Feists, but we were so happy to be home. We missed our kitties and our own bed. Travis is growing and so is my belly! He likes to kick one side of the belly while hitting the other side at the same time. I wonder if he is doing gymnastics, or dancing, or what. I'm assuming he is going to be like his daddy and very active! I have a cold right now and feel and look nasty, so we will take and post a new picture when I don't have snot dripping out of my nose!



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