Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bunny fun

This year the Easter bunny brought Travis a fun Easter basket.

He was super excited and loved it.

His favorite parts of the basket were:

This monkey that the Easter Bunny brought all the way from NY. We found it in FAO Scwartz. When we saw it in FAO, he grabbed its face and cooed at it for the longest time. It is super soft, like his blankie. He loves to snuggle with it. His other favorite part of his Easter basket: the basket.

It has provided him with hours of entertainment. He thinks it is the best! After getting his basket, Travis' cousins came over to dye Easter eggs. Travis thought this was amazing. He loved feeling the dye and then sucking on the still wet easter egg. Yes, apparently he loves the taste of vinegar. Ew!

After dying eggs, the cousins all went for an egg hunt. Travis hung out with daddy and found a couple eggs and then just wanted to sit and play with what else, his basket.

The older cousins did the egg hunting...

It was a fun day before Easter! Travis had pink hands for a few days, but he loved it!

Even Travis' newest cousin, Lily joined in on the fun. Love this...

Sunday, we got dressed in our Easter best and went to church to celebrate the ressurection of our Savior. I love church every week, but especially love it on Easter. What a great gift Jesus gave to us by suffering for our sins so we can strive to be perfect like Him. He gave his life so we could have happiness and I am so grateful! I am so glad that I get to be ressurected someday and live with my family forever. I love my family and my Savior so much.

I am also grateful that Travis will get to play with these cousins that he adores. My family knows quite a few people who have died lately and I am thankful for the knowledge that I have the families last forever beyond death.

If you want to know more about the Savior, ask me or add my little brother on Facebook-Elder Jacob Dimick. He is serving the Lord for two years and is on FB daily, looking for people who have questions to chat with.

I will post NY pictures soon, I promise! I also have some random ones as Travis gets so big!

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